Antifa Agitator Admits He Advanced on Rittenhouse and Pointed His Gun at Him Before He was Shot

Gaige Grosskreutz on the stand
by Debra Heine


The antifa agitator who was shot in the arm by Kyle Rittenhouse admitted on Monday that he was shot only after he had advanced on the teen and pointed his gun at him. Gaige Grosskreutz took the stand on the fifth day of the Rittenhouse trial, hoping to strengthen the prosecution’s case against the teen. Instead, one of the prosecuting attorneys was seen literally face-palming during his cross-examination.

Defense attorney Corey Chirafisi also forced Grosskreutz to admit that he’s “affiliated” with the violent Peoples Revolution, a Milwaukee-based communist militia group; that his gun permit had expired; that he had lied to the police shortly after the shooting; and that he has $10 million staked on Rittenhouse being found guilty.

Grosskreutz testified earlier that after hearing the initial gunshots, he had only followed Rittenhouse because he believed he was an active shooter. He also said that even though he was armed with a handgun, he did not intend to shoot Rittenhouse.

“That’s not the kind of person I am,” he claimed. “That’s not why I was out there, that’s not why I was out there for 75 days prior to that, why I spent — up until that point — spent my time, my money, my education, providing care to people.”

His testimony fell apart when Chirafisi asked him about how he was shot in the arm.

“It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun in your hands down pointed at him that he fired, right?” Chirafisi asked.

“Correct,” Grosskreutz replied. At that point in the trial, the baby-faced Rittenhouse looked like he was going to cry with relief, and one of the prosecutors put his head in his hands.

Ace of Spades HQ explains what lawyer Nick Rickieta meant when he shouted “directed verdict” in the video above.

That’s where a the defense motions that no reasonable jury could find against the defendant on the facts as presented. If the judge agrees, he issues a directed verdict which says that the trial is over, they don’t have to go any further, and that he will write the jury’s verdict himself, and that verdict is “Not guilty.”

At another point, Grosskreutz tried to deny that he was shot while pointing his gun at Rittenhouse, but went on to admit that yes, his bicep was “vaperized” after he had aimed his gun at the teen.

Grosskreutz had initially told police that he dropped his gun at some point during the incident and didn’t mention that he pointed it at Rittenhouse.
He also admitted that he lied to police about asking Anthony Huber—the agitator who was shot and killed by Rittenhouse after clobbering him with a skateboard—to stop.

He claimed that it was not an intentional omission, noting that his interview with police occurred after surgery, while he was still on pain medication.

Grosskreutz did acknowledge under further questioning that it was the only detail he “forgot” to mention, after being able to describe even Rittenhouse’s clothing to the police.

Grosskreutz denied being a member of the Peoples Revolution, but did cop to being “affiliated” with the group, and speaking at their rallies.

“During that rally, have you made statements such as “long live the revolution?” Chirafisi asked.

“I have,” the agitator replied.

Grosskreutz also admitted to calling Rittenhouse a “f—king stooge” while he was stalking Rittenhouse as the teen walked around asking people if they needed a medic.

Grosskreutz said he was was conceal-carrying a Glock the night of the Rittenhouse shootings, but admitted under questioning that his concealed carry permit was expired at the time.

Chirafisi pointed out that Grosskreutz has filed a $10 million suit against Kenosha officials over the shooting, and asked him if he stood better odds of winning that monetary award if Rittenhouse is convicted. Smirking, Grosskreutz said he didn’t know that to be true.

After a break, the defense asked Grosskreutz about a social media post from Jacob Marshall, his roommate, that claimed he’d said “his only regret was not killing the kid, and hesitating to pull the gun and emptying his entire mag into him.”

Grosskreutz denied telling Jacob Marshall that he had said those things.

Full video of day 5 of the Rittenhouse trial.

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Debra Heine reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Gaige Grosskreutz on the stand” by oak_tree_upheaval.









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