Bannon: Biden Must Be Impeached ‘As Soon As Possible’ for Lying About Chinese Spy Balloon

Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia; WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 p.m.) Hampton Roads; WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke; and weekdays 6-10 a.m. and 24/7 stream – host Fredericks welcomed the host of WarRoom Battleground, Stephen K. Bannon to comment on the cover-up of the Chinese spy balloon that traversed the entire continental United States and the corruption of the Biden regime.

Fredericks: Great to have you, Steve.

Bannon: Great to be here, John. A big weekend this weekend where this week we’re going to expose the Biden regime for covering up this spy satellite, spy balloon over the United States, which the Chinese, the CCP did to show complete total dominance over the United States and humiliate the United States and Biden. And his regime covered it up.

They knew about it on the 28th of January. It was held, I think even from Austin, and people in the Defense Department until the first and they were praying to get to that plane on Friday so that Blinken could go to China to cow-tow for the Sunday meeting. So this is pretty explosive. And between Ukraine and what’s happening with the CCP, people should understand, as we’ve been saying for a long time, the third world war is off to the races so everybody better adjust accordingly.

Fredericks: Why did the Chinese, the CCP, launch the spy balloon and what did they think the Biden administration was going to do, and then why the cover-up?

Bannon: They knew what the Biden administration was going to do. The Biden administration wasn’t going to do anything. Remember, if you look off the Aleutian Islands, we have an incredibly sophisticated tracking system.

And it worked.

The White House knew on the 28th, no later than the 28th of January that the balloon had been picked up coming over the Aleutian Islands and over Alaskan airspace and taking obviously all the photographs of all the highly sensitive and classified things we have in Alaska. They knew it.

The Chinese knew that Biden did exactly what they thought. They weren’t there. They covered it up. They didn’t tell anybody. The Chinese were monitoring that. Think about it. We talked about it and I’ll talk about it again. The Financial Times of London’s lead headline in Friday morning’s paper was about how Blinken was headed to Beijing to have this series of meetings that hadn’t taken place since the Trump administration because of thawing relations.

And Tom Cotton called it out yesterday. As I said on the Saturday’s show and Tom Cotton said on Fox News yesterday. The Financial Times was briefed on Thursday afternoon at the White House in that interview that was in the print edition Friday morning. They were just hoping to get a Blinken to the plane on Friday evening to make it to Beijing for the Sunday morning meeting so he could cow-tow.

Think about it for a second. A President of the United States commander in chief withheld information for at least, I don’t know, five days before the Pentagon even knew about it. Their acknowledgement only came on Wednesday, right? Which I think was what, the first or second?

And that was because some guy works at the Billings Gazette in Montana because somebody here says, hey, I think there’s a UFO flying over, circling over essentially the ICBM fields of central north Montana. North Dakota and South Dakota are a major ICBM launch areas. And you’ve got a huge Air Force base up there in a synchronized command.

So the Biden administration lied. To me, this is impeachable. I think this has to have to go all in on to get to every piece of information.

When did they know it? What did they know? Why did they suppress it? Did they tell the Pentagon? Austin was in, I think, the Philippines. They made this big deal about Wednesday, but they had this conference call, and Milley was on it, and Austin was on it.

It was the middle of the night, I think, for Austin, or the middle of the night for Milley, because Austin was in Manila talking about the base deal. They got a team. Remember, they announced the naval base deal with the Philippines against the CCP. And they made this huge deal.

They had this thing, and they really talked about it with knitted brows, and they didn’t want to shoot it down because in the vast, empty plains of eastern Montana, one of the most unpopulated parts of the United States of America, the lower 48 in North Dakota, they didn’t want to shoot it down because they were afraid of hitting somebody. That’s a lie. That’s an outright lie.

Anybody that’s been out there to that part of Montana? We had Matt Rosendale, the congressman who was been on the show Saturday. It’s a joke. Not just that. People in Montana said, ‘Heck, hey, we’re American citizens. We’re patriots. Shoot it down. If it falls on the house, it falls on the house. I’ll rebuild.’

I’m a western pioneer, right? That doesn’t scare me. Take down the CCP. This shows you and I hope this is a sputnik moment for the general population, not for the WarRoom posse or the folks in the John Frederick’s Radio Network that are very up to speed on the CCP and what we’ve been talking about unrestricted warfare.

But this is just in your face. This was to humiliate. Think about it for a second. It traversed the entire continental United States on a line with so many highly classified areas of the country that it went over to transmit its information back to the CCP and we did nothing. We did nothing.

Look, it’s so bad that Leon Panetta was on CNN yesterday with Jim Acosta, who’s no fan of Trump, as you know, and they were both saying it’s not acceptable. Leon Panetta said this should have been shot down over Alaska.

It shouldn’t have even gotten to Idaho and Montana. Coming at the same week that Comer is coming on with starting with Twitter about the suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop because that shows the compromise.

Look, we have to be brutally frank. Joe Biden is totally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. They own him lock, stock, and barrel. And if the American people need a wake up call, this should be yet. A spy balloon traverses the entire continental United States.

And that fact was hidden from the American people and maybe hidden from Pentagon officials by the Biden regime at the highest echelons for five days. This has got to be both the Senate, and here’s the thing. You got Tester and you got these Democrats that –  Tester realizes that if he doesn’t come in hard on this, he’s gone.

He’s got very little chance as is that he’s gone from the Senate race in 2024. People in Montana are clearly furious about this because it can steer itself. I think it stayed at the Air Force base there for a couple of days, circling and taking photographs. And then the Chinese lie to you just to make you humiliated more and what they call loss of face.

They lie to you and say, ‘Oh, it was a weather balloon, and we fired the head of the weather survey over there.’

And throughout Asia, India, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan, it’s a huge loss of face. This is done very simply: to show the people of the United States that you’re not safe anywhere.

We’ve infiltrated your colleges. We’ve infiltrated Wall Street. We’ve infiltrated tech. We control venture capital in this country. And now we can go anywhere anytime we want. And you’re just going to sit there and your leaders are going to let us traverse the entire continental United States.

And then over Cape Hatteras or somewhere off of North Carolina or South Carolina? They’re going to shoot it down after it’s gone over? Oh, yeah. They’re going to guarantee you that no information got back. The Biden administration is the single most corrupt, traitorous administration we’ve had in the history of this nation. And this comes from one simple fact.

They stole the election in 2020. And I’ve said this from day one. We’ve allowed the traitorous, double-crossing, lying, taking money, compromised sexual perverts of the Biden family, starting from the son and going with the daughter and the whole group to be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And to tell you who’s getting a belly full of it, not just Steve Bannon, who’s had a belly full of it from before he even won, but the Democratic Party now, with all the great things he’s “put up,” all the phony numbers he’s put up, I think only 30 percent of Democrats want him to run again in 2024 because they know in their heart of hearts the guy’s a phony and a fraud and is going to be turfed out here quite quickly.

I think the Republicans have got to go all-in on every aspect to get a massive investigation and let’s impeach this guy as soon as possible.

Listen to the full interview.

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Photo “Steve Bannon” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0. Photo “Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0. Background Photo “U.S. Capitol” by GPA Photo Archive.


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