Dark Money Group Founded to Boost Biden’s Agenda Is Scaling Back Operations

by Robert Schmad


The super PAC tasked with “making the case to the American people for President Biden’s bold, progressive policy agenda,” scaled down its operations in 2022, according to new tax forms obtained by Axios.

Build Back Together, a dark money group that accepts unlimited donations from anonymous donors, only raised $8 million in 2022, down from the $41 million it raised in 2021, Axios reported. The group also wound down its expenditures, spending just $15 million in 2022, less than half of the $33 million it spent in 2022.

The organization was launched by Biden’s allies less than a month into his presidency to promote his policies on COVID-19 recovery, the environment and the economy, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Biden recently expressed frustration that Americans aren’t aware of his purported policy accomplishments.

“Even today, a lot of Americans don’t know what we’ve done,” Biden said at a Nov. 1 campaign reception in Minnesota. Donors are frustrated with the ineffectiveness of pro-Biden messaging too.

“Well, we spent all this time trying to explain all the good things he did, the bipartisan stuff he did, and it hasn’t boosted his numbers. So maybe we ought to go to plan B at this point,” an anonymous Biden donor told Politico.

Build Back Together “advances the policy agenda of the Biden-Harris Administration and effectively communicates the positive impacts of these critical policies to the American people,” according to the organization’s website.

The organization’s executive director, Danielle Melfi, announced she was leaving the group in March, Axios reported. The high-level departure came with an announcement that the group would be largely giving up on paid advertisement campaigns to promote Biden’s agenda, pivoting instead to helping other left-wing groups.

“Building Back Together is continuing its work to help seed the narrative in states around the Biden-Harris agenda and how it has and is continuing to deliver for everyday people – specifically around the economy,” Mayra Macías, the organization’s current executive director, told Axios.

Build Back Together only had $1.1 million in assets at the end of 2022.

While Build Back Together’s operations may be declining, the Biden campaign itself is faring better.

Biden and the Democratic National Committee announced that they raised $71 million for the president’s reelection effort during the third quarter of 2023, The Associated Press reported. Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, claims to have raised just $45.5 million during quarter three.

Build Back Together did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Robert Schmad is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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