Favorito Tells The Star News Network: Raffensperger Had Evidence of Election Fraud ‘Before He Ever Certified the Election’

The Star News Network National Political Editor Neil W. McCabe visited Fulton County, Georgia, to speak with Garland Favorito of VoterGa about the vote analysis he’s prepared to share with the Georgia legislature.


McCabe: Almost from the moment the polls closed in the 2020 election there have been questions about the results in Fulton County, Georgia. Garland Favorito, the founder of VoterGa, told The Star News Network that his organization has found forensic evidence of manipulation and fraud.

Favorito: I think the most shocking findings in the report is the fact is that the overall scope of the manipulation, and it was in a dozen different categories or more, was actually beyond my wildest expectations.

McCabe: Favorito, a 40-year veteran of the information systems industry, said someone used a search-and-replace program to manipulate the Fulton County results.

Favorito: The evidence that we saw showed that ballot images appear to have been replaced by other ballot images.

McCabe: There is also evidence of ballot dumps.

Favorito: So an example of electronic manipulation might be the duplicate timestamps. A scanner can only scan one mail-in ballot per second according to their own specs but yet we found half a dozen different ballots with the exact same timestamp. So that’s a technical impossibility that indicates that the records may have been electronically inserted into the results.

McCabe: The Fulton County resident said every piece of evidence VoterGa had and analyzed was already in the hands of the Secretary of State.

Favorito: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has had all of the evidence that we have been able to uncover in the last year before he ever certified the election.

And in addition to that, he had all of the evidence from three committee hearings in the Georgia general assembly before he wrote his January 6 letter.

All of that evidence shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was probably the most corrupt election that Georgia has ever had.

McCabe: Favorito said his next step is to hand each member of the Georgia legislature a copy of the Fulton County vote analysis. Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe Fulton County, Georgia

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Photo “Garland Favorito” by The Star News Network.

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