Leftist Media Celebrate Teens Traveling to Washington, D.C. for ‘Trans Youth Prom’ on Capitol Lawn

The leftist media celebrated a “Trans Youth Prom” on the Capitol lawn this week in Washington, D.C., an event that reportedly drew not only young teens experiencing gender dysphoria, but transgender children as young as age five, from 16 states, with the backing of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attorney and transgender activist Chase Strangio.

The New Republic described Monday’s “Trans Prom” as an event that “brought around 50 trans youth to Washington, D.C., in a two-for-one party and statement in the face of an unprecedented legislative, political, and cultural attack on young trans folks.”

Most of the media coverage focused on four young teens – Daniel Trujillo, 15; Libby Gonzales, 13; Grayson McFerrin, 12; and Hobbes Chukumba, 16 – who organized the “Trans Prom” after seeking help from some adult organizers, including the ACLU’s Strangio, whose view is that laws protecting children and teens from a predatory transgender medical industry are “anti-trans.”

The young teens also sought assistance from drag queen Peppermint, who competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and who also served as the first ACLU Trans Justice Ambassador.

The “Trans Prom” also featured drag queen Stormie Daie, who emceed the event.

The New Republic gave further description of the event that was “not broadly advertised in advance”:

 With the Capitol as backdrop, the event kicked off with a dance party near Union Station late Monday morning. There was a stage ringed with pale pink, magenta, blue, and white roses, and drag performances, including one by steering committee member McFerrin-Hogan. As the guests arrived, they were greeted by parents and supporters. Democratic members of Congress sent messages of support, like Representative Ayanna Pressley and Senator Ed Markey, both from Massachusetts.

The Atlantic’s coverage featured the story of  a 17-year-old boy who decided to travel from his home state of Mississippi to the “Trans Prom” after a U.S. District judge sided with his school district and ruled he must dress as a boy for his high school graduation.

The judge denied a motion on “Landon’s” behalf that was filed by the ACLU.

According to The Atlantic, Landon subsequently decided to skip his high school graduation, an event “that does not support me,” and, instead, travel to D.C. where he would be “wearing a long, sleek blue dress and dancing in front of the U.S. Capitol with about 100” other children and teens claiming discomfort with their biological sex.

The report noted that while many of the young people arrived with their parents from states that “affirmed” and “embraced” their new gender identity, “some came from states where politicians have been debating and legislating the details of their life—whether they can receive transition-related medical care, for example, or compete on sports teams that match their gender identity.”

The leftist news outlet lamented that, “in 2023 alone, more than 500 bills that would restrict the rights of transgender people have been introduced.”

The Atlantic continued its celebratory report of the event:

After exiting a bus in front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool, the kids and teens marched in their formal wear down a grassy runway flanked by cheering organizers, parents, and supporters who held up trans and gender-nonbinary flags and signs that read Trans kids have always existed, Trans youth are powerful, and Celebrate trans joy. The youth entered the party, dance music already blasting, through a large arch made of color-changing glass topped with the words You are loved.

Romper also reported transgender activist DJ Nico “spun off a Spotify playlist” at the event that also featured “performances, speeches, and a parade to spread joy throughout the nation’s capital.”

“Despite everything that’s going on and all the ways that people are trying to hurt trans people, especially the youth, we’re still here,” 16-year-old Hobbes commented to Romper in an email. “Not only that, we’re joyful! I love that we’re having a party in the middle of all this mess we’re dealing with. We’ve worked really hard to make this event happen, and hope people see us having a great time at the prom and realize that we’re just kids. I really want people to just let kids be kids.”

However, 15-year-old Daniel from Tucson told The New Republic the “Trans Prom” was needed because of the strain the young activists were constantly under due to having to campaign for their political agenda.

“Trans Prom came from the anger and exhaustion trans kids like me felt,” Trujillo said prior to the event, “after continuously fighting against anti-trans legislation and after continuously debating our personhood and our identity to people who don’t seem to care.”

Teen Vogue noted the “Trans Prom” was supported by donors that included Elliot Page and Ariana Grande.

“The Prom came during a year which has seen more anti-LGBTQ legislation introduced than ever before and was billed as a ‘celebratory manifestation of trans people’s beautiful, expansive communities, and their right to thrive,’” the leftwing news outlet reported.

Libby, age 13, who hails from Texas, spoke at the event, wearing “a black tiered dress with big sleeves, necklaces with protective crystals, and black platform sneakers,” the report observed.

“She also donned lots of rings and bracelets and the necklace featuring her birthstone and initials that she got when she legally changed her name,” Teen Vogue noted, adding Libby said the prom was a positive occasion during a “soul-crushing legislative session.”

Libby reportedly said the “Trans Prom” at the Capitol “felt so powerful walking with my friends, younger kids and so many adults all from across the country who have been in this fight for so long paving the way for us.”

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Susan Berry, PhD is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Trans Prom March” by Chase Strangio.


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