Ohio Representative Jim Jordan: ‘The Laptop Was Real, the News Was Fake!’

Monday morning on The Answer with Bob Frantz, host Frantz spoke with United States Congressman (R-OH) Jim Jordan about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Big Tech censorship, mainstream media, Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s continuing troubles.


Frantz: Good Monday morning, sir. How are you?

Jordan: I’m fine, Bob. How are you doing?

Frantz: Doing well. Doing well. I want to play a clip for you to start our conversation this morning because this is the former attorney general of the United States of America, who said yesterday that the active intelligence agencies, not former intelligence officers, who declared the Hunter Biden laptop to be Russian disinformation. He said the active intelligence agency’s totally different story, but nobody wanted to listen.

(Bill Barr clip plays)

As soon as this letter came out from these so-called intelligence specialists, the DNI, John Radcliffe at the time and the FBI, which worked for me, both came out and said this was not the result of disinformation. Russian disinformation. The media ignored that completely, just kept on going with the disinformation.

Frantz: That is such an extraordinary statement by the attorney general. Mr. Jordan, what’s your reaction?

Jordan: Yes. Well, no. The laptop was real, the news was fake. I mean, the laptop was real. The eyewitness, Tony Bobilinski, was a real person who had real information. Was a real partner with Hunter Biden and these guys. And the documents were actually real.

Those emails that talked about 10 percent for the big guy. I mean, it was all real. And we knew it at the time, the mainstream press, because they wanted Biden to be the next president, and we’re out to get President Trump, they lied to us.

So everything was real that we knew last fall. The only thing fake was the news, which we sort of knew that as well. This is just the state of affairs for today’s media, and that’s why we have to work so hard, and why your show is so important – your show and others like it, because you actually give the truth to the people who listen each and every day. That’s what we’re up against today. The news is in so many ways, just fake, made-up lies, everything else.

And this idea that the collusion between Big Tech, big media, and the big Democrat Party to mislead the American people in weeks, just weeks before the presidential election, is what is so wrong about this. But again, I say this every week.

I think the American people have figured all this out, and they’re looking to make a big change when we get to this fall’s election.

Frantz: I want to ask you what can be done, maybe from a legislative perspective, to hold the media accountable for things like this, burying relevant information about a candidate that they favor in an upcoming election.

And I understand the 1st Amendment provides for freedom of the press. That means the press can report anything and say anything they want but isn’t there an equal obligation for them to report things that maybe they don’t want to report if they find out that it’s relevant, particularly to the leadership of the country?

Jordan: The main thing is to allow the competition to work because you do have all kinds of good news outlets who covered the facts, who present the truth, who are actually fair and balanced, or a term like that or a phrase like that.

So you’ve got to make sure you have company. This is why we have to change Section 230, which gives this liability protection to the Big Tech platforms that censor and lie to us all the time. It’s why we need to get anti-trust acts in front of the Supreme Court in an expedited fashion so we can get a ruling on that.

There are things we can do, legislation we can pass. The problem is if we take back the House and the Senate, Joe Biden will still veto those measures because the Democrats like the fact that Big Tech censors.

They like the fact that Big Tech and big media collude to keep the truth from the American people because it’s helping them. But we have to focus on that, continue to highlight that. And then, frankly, we’re going to have to wait until President Trump runs in ’24 and he wins.

And then we can pass these kinds of things and actually begin to better level the playing field in a fair and competitive way.

Frantz: We’re talking with Congressman Jim Jordan. Let’s pivot now to what’s going on in Ukraine. The city of Mariupol has been just completely decimated. Vladimir Putin gave President Zelensky until early this morning to essentially surrender Mariupol and if they would not do that, then they were just going to destroy it.

That’s exactly what’s underway right now. So I want to go back to last week. President Zelensky spoke to you in Congress and requested of the American people some assistance. We need air support. We can fight on the ground and we don’t want you to do it.

We just need to get the planes in the air. Did President Biden unilaterally refuse the request for MiGs to Ukraine through Poland? And if so, was that the right call?

Jordan: I don’t know if we know for sure how that all shook out, but that seems to be what happened. I think the key here is, look, President Zelensky is obviously a brave and courageous leader who I think has conducted himself like any leader would be when your country is invaded.

The Ukrainian people have been just amazing throughout this terrible situation. We need to help them. Mostly, I think what they need is those missiles and the Javelins and stuff that allow them to fight back that President Trump gave him while he was President.

We need to make sure we’re helping him in that regard regarding the MiGs and how that all (Unintelligible talk). I don’t know if anyone knows for sure, but it seems like it was vetoed by the White House, by the president. But I don’t know that we know for sure exactly how that shook down.

Frantz: If you were calling the shots, would you provide them with those fighter planes. Again, it would be Polish MiGs. We would be helping on the back end replacing what Poland has. But would you do that?

Jordan: I think the key is we give them the missiles that they need, these tank-busting Javelins, because that seems to be how the Russians are doing the damage they’re doing to Ukraine, and we need to be able to help them stop that.

When it comes to a no-fly zone, I think we’ve got to be real careful. We certainly don’t want American pilots over there. I mean, I just think that we don’t want to go there.

And I think we’ve got to be really careful about it. But if it’s MiGs coming there and then done by Ukrainian pilots, I think that’s a different story. But what we want to make sure is that we don’t want  American pilots flying over Ukrainian airspace.

Frantz: No, no one wants that. President Zelenskiy, excuse me, he wasn’t even asking for that. He just wants the ability to try to stop the attacks from the air that are destroying so many targets.

Nancy Pelosi has praised Biden’s handling of Russia and this invasion as masterful. How would you characterize it?

Jordan: I don’t know that Joe Biden has done anything in the 14 months he’s been president that you could call masterful. I think everything he’s done has been a disaster. And frankly, we’ve talked about this, too.

But I don’t get any satisfaction in saying that, because you want the best for our country, you want the best for the world in a peaceful way. But everything this guy has done has been a disaster. I mean, he inherited, relatively speaking, a calm and stable world.

And the picture that has always stuck in my mind is that picture in Afghanistan when you have people jumping on the wheels of that plane as it’s taking off and flying out of Afghanistan, that is a metaphor for what Joe Biden has done, not just to the world with the exit from Afghanistan and now this situation in Ukraine, which I think is driven by weakness projected from the Oval Office, which has allowed Vladimir Putin to do the terrible things he’s doing.

And domestically as well. The border inflation, energy prices, crime in urban areas. There is not one thing that you could point to yourself and say he’s been masterful in this area when he hasn’t been masterful in any area. This is beyond comprehension.

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