Schweizer: U.S. Institutions of Higher Learning Fail to Report Millions of Dollars from China


McCabe: Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, in his new book Red-Handed, reports how the Chinese Communist Party has targeted American institutions of higher learning.

Schweizer told The Star News Network how these institutions, after receiving funds from communist China, have worked to suppress criticism of the communist regime there and also have misreported or even failed to report millions of dollars received from China.

Schweizer: Section 117 of the Education Act in 1965 is very explicit. It says that if U.S. colleges and universities take in foreign donations, substantial foreign donations, they are required to report those to the federal government.

McCabe: Many American colleges fail to report any or all of their Chinese cash haul, Schweizer said. Such as Yale University and the millions of dollars it received from Joseph Tsai, co-founder of Alibaba and owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

Schweizer: This is particularly applicable to China today, because hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing to American colleges and universities from Chinese nationals, many of them linked to the Chinese Communist Party and to the Chinese state.

He’s donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Yale. He says that they come from his foundation based in California. The problem is, when you look at the foundation based in California, it lists really no assets and certainly doesn’t mention any gifts going to Yale.

But the problem is is that a lot of these donations to colleges and universities come with strings attached and those strings attached can be subtle but they’re direct and real and I think it’s having a major effect on the conversation on China that’s taking place today on college campuses.

McCabe: Peter Schweizer told The Star News Network that the University of Pennsylvania was one of the worst offenders when it came to unreported funds from communist China. But don’t expect any action from the Biden administration soon.

President Joe Biden just made the president of the University of Pennsylvania his new ambassador to Germany. Reporting for The Star News Network, this is Neil W. McCabe.

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Photo “Peter Schweizer” by The Star News Network.

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