The Star News Network Interviews Author Peter Schweizer About Biden’s Ties to China


McCabe: Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, in his new book Red-Handed, documents the financial ties between the Chinese Communist Party and President Joe Biden. He told The Star News Network that Biden and his family have blended public service and private gain.

Schweizer: The Biden family has collected some $31 million dollars from deals in China. You’ve got intelligence officials involved, or at least indirectly involved, which raises I think very troubling questions about whether the Biden family is compromised.

Because look, we can disagree on a lot of things but I don’t think anybody is going to argue that Chinese intelligence and that Chinese state-linked businessmen are philanthropists.

McCabe: Schweitzer said Hunter Biden explained to a colleague in an email the role he plays in the Chinese ventures.

Schweizer: It’s very clear that Hunter Biden is not expecting to do a lot of work. It’s very clear that Hunter Biden recognizes he’s not bringing a lot of financial expertise.

But what he explains in an email exchange with a colleague is that he’s prepared to be the so-called white face for this investment firm that the Chinese government is establishing.

McCabe: The author said one example of the Chinese using Hunter Biden’s white face is when he helped them acquire a U.S. company that provides stabilization technology for the F-35 fighter jet.

Schweizer: They buy this precision tool company called Henniges which is based in Michigan. Henniges produces anti-vibration technologies, and these technologies have civilian application but they also have military application.

And Hunter Biden’s firm’s partner in this deal is a Chinese aviation company that basically steals all the technology for China’s stealth fighter.

McCabe: Peter Schweizer told The Star News Network that the financial bonds between President Joe Biden and the Chinese Communist Party are just the beginning, and that the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated other institutions throughout the United States, including Capitol Hill, Wall Street, and higher education. Reporting for The Star News Network, this is Neil W. McCabe.

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Photo “Peter Schweizer” by The Star News Network.

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