Conservative Group Launches ‘Woke Alerts’ to Notify Consumers of Left-Wing Brands

A conservative organization has launched a campaign to send out “Woke Alerts” notifying consumers of brands’ progressive political stances, according to Axios.

Consumers’ Research will send out these notifications via text message when customers are grocery shopping in attempts to empty the pockets of “woke” corporations, according to Axios. The campaign comes days after the Anheuser-Busch fallout where they branded transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney‘s likeness onto Bud Light cans, sparking backlash across the internet.

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Consumers’ Research Says BlackRock Abdicating Fiduciary Responsibility in Favor of Progressive Politics

A research group has honed in on investment titan BlackRock, known for purchasing real estate in massive swaths nationwide, saying that those who have invested in the company may be at risk. 

Consumer’s Research says: 

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State Farm Announces End to Transgender Book Project Amid Backlash

State Farm has announced that, amid “news and customer inquiries,” it will discontinue its support for an LGBTQ+ activist group’s program that asked the insurance company to donate books, to schools, community centers, and libraries, that serve to indoctrinate young children into gender ideology under the guise of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion.

The company issued a news release Tuesday focused on an explosive leaked email obtained by Consumers’ Research that revealed State Farm urged its Florida insurance agents to donate radical books celebrating gender ideology that target children as young as age five.

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