Prominent Pollster Says Kamala Harris Is ‘Mediocre at Best’ and Would ‘Probably Lose’ to Trump

Pollster Nate Silver described Vice President Kamala Harris as “mediocre at best” and said former President Donald Trump would likely defeat her in the upcoming presidential election if she replaces President Joe Biden during a podcast posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

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Trump Plays It Cool While Democrats, Media Turn on Biden

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has remained largely silent following his June 27 debate in which President Biden gave a halting performance – instead allowing fellow Democrats and the media to criticize or raise questions about Biden’s age and mental acuity. 

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Democrat Lawmaker Says Overlooking Harris to Replace Biden Would Be Bad ‘Optics’ for Party

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Rep. Summer Lee, D-Pa., said the optics of overlooking Vice President Kamala Harris as a replacement for President Biden, should he step aside, would not be a good look for the Democratic Party.

She noted that conversations about replacing Biden as the party’s nominee are “wildly speculative” right now.

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‘I Don’t Think He Makes It’: Trump Doubts Biden Will Be Democratic Nominee in 2024

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested that President Joe Biden’s physical health and mental capacity might prevent him from becoming the eventual Democratic nominee in 2024.

“I don’t think he makes it. I think he’s bad shape physically,” Trump said during an Iowa forum with Fox News’s Sean Hannity. “I watched him at the beach, he wasn’t able to lift a beach chair which is meant for children.”

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