Judiciary Committee Letter Says Garland’s FBI Mobilized Against Parent Protestors

In a lengthy letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland, the House Judiciary Committee accuses the nation’s top attorney of lying under oath, and claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was deployed to monitor parents who have been protesting school board meetings nationwide. 

“It appears that the Biden Administration did in fact mobilize FBI counterterrorism resources to investigate parents for expressing protected political speech at school board meetings. This directly contradicts AG Merrick Garland’s sworn testimony,” said Parents Defending Education, a nonprofit group that advocates for parents rights. 

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Pennsylvania School Board Member Says He Doesn’t Work for Parents

student with glasses and white tee sitting at his desk

A school board member in Pennsylvania wrote a scathing opinion piece in a local newspaper telling parents in his school district that he does not work for them. 

Richard Robinson is a school board member for the York Suburban School District, and he took to the pages of the York Dispatch to express his displeasure with outspoken parents.

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