Commentary: That Pennsylvania Congresswoman Madeleine Dean Calls Herself a Friend of Police and Crime Victims is Laughable

During a May 10 House Judiciary Committee hearing about crime, Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA-4) laughably portrayed herself as a champion of the forces of law and order. She sought to position herself as the protector of the innocent victims of crime.

What a pathetic charade conducted by Madeleine Dean. She is the paradigm of the liberal academic from a homogeneous White upper middle-class Philadelphia suburb. Totally removed from the tragedies, destruction, and suffering caused by crime – especially in the inner city – she knows nothing about policing. When her workday is done she retreats to her suburban sanctuary away from the hoi polloi she purports to represent.

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Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Philadelphia DA by Republican Officials

Republicans in the Pennsylvania House have introduced articles of impeachment against Philadelphia’s district attorney Larry Krasner. 

The lawmakers introduced the measure Wednesday to impeach Kranser and said they might add days to the legislative session to complete the effort before the two-year legislative term expires next month, according to local TV station ABC6 News. 

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Democrats Pivot on Law and Order as Soft-on-Crime Liberals Assaulted, Burglarized

Democrats’ virtual 180 on the issue of crime — a journey from supporting the “defund the police” movement to espousing tougher law enforcement — has been accentuated by a striking pattern in recent months: prominent liberals being mugged, sometimes quite literally, by the harsh reality of rising crime as victims themselves.

The latest liberal to embody this shift is Bill Walton, the 69-year-old basketball legend-turned-garrulous broadcaster, who has a history of stirring controversy and advocating a range of progressive causes over the years.

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Conservative Organization Unveils Ad Campaign Targeting ‘Hyper-Deadly Consequence’ of Democrats’ Crime Policies

Citizens for Sanity, a conservative organization, is targeting the effects of “far-left policies” on rising crime rates in a new six-figure nationwide ad campaign.

The ad from Citizens for Sanity, first obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, is set to circulate on Facebook and YouTube after Labor Day and is targeted toward Latino voters. It criticizes “woke progressive prosecutors” releasing “dangerous predators before trial” and features footage of criminal violence.

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