Commentary: America Should Pass Legislation Like Georgia’s ‘Agents of Foreign Influence’ Law

Ted Cruz
by Bill Wilson


For once, I agree with the Washington Post – widely viewed as the newsletter of the deep state intel “community.”  I agree with their oft-repeated slogan that Democracy Dies in the Dark.  Now, if they could just move to apply that admonishment to countless issues that are now rising across the world.

This point came to me as I read the fear and loathing about a piece of new legislation in the nation of Georgia – not the RINO directed southern state but the country that borders the Black Sea.  Last week their Parliament passed legislation that required any NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that received more than 20 percent of their funding from outside the country to register as “agents of foreign influence.”  As expected, the United States and its minions at the EU and NATO loudly condemned the legislation and demanded it be blocked.  In what has become the knee-jerk reaction of the “collective west,” there have been threats of retaliation, exclusion, and of course financial harm.

It appears Georgia will not bend to the intimidation tactics.  While the country’s President is expected to veto the bill, there are more than enough votes to override her.  So, this measure is about to become law.  Despite crowds of protesters and coordinated media attacks reminiscent of the CIA directed “color revolutions, Georgia is taking a stand for their Democracy not living in the dark.

Which brings the question – why shouldn’t such a law or something similar be enacted in the United States?  The NGOs are all too-often those shadowy entities that allow governments to do things they are not allowed to do or that they want kept “in the dark” to the public.  Let’s clean these underhanded, likely illegal actions up, let’s expose them to the cleansing sunlight of disclosure.

No less an authority than Texas Senator Ted Cruz (pictured above) has raised this issue.  He has called on the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate the funding behind the manufactured protests on American college campuses.  During a May 15 edition of his podcast, The Verdict, Senator Cruz referenced a report by the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) alleging deep ties between the protest organizing group and the Chinese Communist Party.

Senator Cruz hit the nail on the head with such funding.  He said, “What does China care about Hamas?  What does China care about Israel?  The truth of the matter is they don’t; but they care about America, they care about tearing our country apart, they care about chaos and fomenting dissent that paralyzes our country.”

And that is the core of the issue.  Why should we, as a nation, allow outsiders to fund operations inside our country that harm us?  And if we are against the use of such dangerous and underhanded tactics against us, what is the justification for using them against others?  And a final question – why do we demand the right to control or interfere in the affairs of every nation on earth and then take a stance of puritanical pearl-clutching when a small Eurasian country takes a stand for their own sovereignty?

So, in the next week or so when the law in Georgia is finally affirmed and you read stories in the controlled, corporate press of how horrible it is, realize that the people of Georgia are taking a stand for their Democracy to live in the light.  We need to do the same

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Bill Wilson is the former President of Americans for Limited Government.
Photo “Ted Cruz” by Ted Cruz. Background Photo “Tbilisi, Georgia” by Encyclopedia Britannica.



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