Regimes in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua Among the Most Undemocratic in the World, According to The Economist

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The British magazine The Economist released the 2022 Democracy Index on Thursday, in which Cuba appears in 139th place, among 165 independent states. Once again the government of the country was described as an “authoritarian regime” and in this edition it scored zero in the indicator of electoral processes and pluralism.

The Havana regime also appears among the worst in the categories civil liberties (2.94 out of 10), political participation (3.33), government functioning (3.21) and political culture (3.75).

The number of verified arrests in the context of the July 2021 anti-government protests on the island serves as an example: at least 1,540 people were arrested, according to the human rights defense group  Justicia 11J .

Meanwhile, in the 2022 Democracy Index,  Venezuela and Nicaragua appear worse located than Cuba , in positions 143 and 147, respectively, for which they were also classified as “authoritarian regimes.”

According to the  Economist Intelligence Unit index ,  Latin America and the Caribbean “experience their fourth consecutive year of decline” . Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru are considered “hybrid regimes” in the Americas, while Chile, Costa Rica, and Uruguay are the only “full democracies.”

The report also warns that “with some exceptions, Latin Americans have a low level of trust in state institutions; the region is home to some of the most unequal and corrupt countries in the world.”

According to the aforementioned study, more than a third of the world population lives under an authoritarian regime (36.9%), a large part in China and Russia, and only 8% lives in a “full democracy”.

Norway, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden and Finland head the  democracy ranking in 2022 , while Afghanistan, Myanmar, North Korea, the Central African Republic and Syria are the worst regimes in the world, in that same order.

Venezuela and Nicaragua among the most corrupt countries in the world

This week it was also known that the fight against corruption is stagnant in America, especially in countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua, which remain under authoritarian regimes, concludes the NGO Transparency International (TI) by publishing its Corruption Perception Index (CPI) on Tuesday. CPI).

The  report  reveals the ranking of the most corrupt nations in the world in 2022, where Venezuela, governed by the dictator Nicolás Maduro, appears in fourth place with 14 points. On the continent it is followed by Haiti (17) and Nicaragua (19). Several places later were located Honduras, with 23 points, and Paraguay, with 28.

Within the Latin American countries marked by corruption, there are also Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru and Ecuador.

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Reprinted with permission from ADN America.

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