Biden’s VP Office Exchanged Emails with Hunter, His Brother Jim, and Both of Their Businesses over 29,000 Times

More evidence has come to light demolishing Joe Biden’s repeated denials that he ever discussed business with his son. New documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL) show that he emailed Hunter Biden, his brother James “Jim” Biden, and their respective firms tens of thousands of times while he was vice president.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) acknowledged in a joint status report published by the Washington D.C. District Court on Friday, that it knew of 4,243 emails between then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, another 1,751 emails between Joe and Jim Biden, 19,335 emails between Joe and Hunter’s private equity firm Rosemont Seneca, and 3,738 emails between Joe and Jim’s Chinese-communist party connected consulting firm Lion Hall Group.

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Mainstream Progressives Abandon Democratic Socialists of America over Palestinian Support in the Wake of Hamas Attack

Politico The Democratic Socialists of America is coming apart at the seams. Rep. Jamaal Bowman let his membership lapse. Colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped the New York chapter over a pro-Palestinian rally Sunday. And others on the left are struggling to reconcile their views with the group — even disavowing it amid criticism…

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American Colleges Are Partnered with Palestinian University That Praised Hamas as ‘Righteous Martyrs’

Several American colleges are partnered with Al-Quds Open University, a Palestinian university that called the Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel “righteous martyrs,” according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of university web pages.

Al-Quds Open University declared Sunday, Oct. 8 as a day to “mourn the souls of the righteous martyrs and to denounce the occupation’s continuing crimes against our people in the West Bank and Gaza,” following Hamas’ invasion of Israel. Al-Quds Open University ended its announcement by stating “glory and eternity to our martyrs.”

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Pennsylvania Policy Group Says $200 Million Rail Service Deal Picks Taxpayers’ Pockets

Though many celebrated expanded Amtrak service for Pittsburgh, critics cry foul, pointing to long-term trends that work against train travel in western Pennsylvania.

The Allegheny Institute for Public Policy warned the $200 million state investment announced in September to bring twice-daily service from Pittsburgh to New York City was a misuse of taxpayer dollars, benefiting Norfolk Southern and Amtrak more than residents.

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Commentary: As Families Take to Charter Schools, Cities and Their Teacher Unions Throw Up Obstacles

A vote by the Los Angeles board of education vote last month to ban charter schools from sharing space at 300 district campuses is the latest big-city attack against alternatives to struggling traditional public schools.

With the strong support of United Teachers Los Angeles, school board members say the ban will protect black and Latino students from the disruption and harm that occurs when charters are placed in buildings used by other public schools. But charter advocates reject the board’s reasoning. Far from hurting disadvantaged students, charters in LA and other cities have established an outstanding track record in accelerating their academic performance compared with traditional schools, according to researchers.

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U.S. Sheriffs: Open Borders Lead to Heightened Terrorist Threats

Members of the American Sheriff Alliance are calling for immediate action due to heightened terrorist threats they fear exist because of U.S. border policies.

Their call comes as a record number of known, suspected terrorist (KSTs) were apprehended by federal Customs and Border Patrol agents in fiscal 2023, the largest number in recorded history.

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Commentary: Offshore Wind Is an Economic and Environmental Catastrophe

When it comes to “renewables” wreaking havoc on the environment, wind turbines have stiff competition. For example, over 500,000 square miles of biofuel plantations have already replaced farms and forests to replace a mere 4 percent of transportation fuel. To source raw materials to build “sustainable” batteries, mining operations are scaling up, with no end in sight, in nations with appalling labor conditions and nonexistent environmental regulations. But the worst offender is the wind industry.

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Hamas Leader Calls for Global Day of Rage on Friday: ‘This Is the Time for Jihad’

Khaled Mashal, a leader and founding member of the Islamic terror group Hamas, has called for a global Day of Rage this Friday, saying “this is the time for Jihad.”

Hamas, an Islamic political and military organization that governs the Gaza Strip, carried out a brutal, highly coordinated terror attack on Israel over the weekend, slaughtering more than 1,200 people—including fourteen Americans—and wounding more than 2,100, according to the latest reports. The Palestinian terrorists also took more than 130 civilians hostage and have threatened to execute them on live broadcasts.

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