Project Veritas: Connecticut Assistant Principal Shares How He Rejects Hiring ‘Catholics’ and ‘Conservatives’ to Allow ‘Subtle’ Child Indoctrination

Project Veritas released its latest exposé in which an assistant principal in a Cos Cob, Connecticut elementary school shares with an undercover reporter his strategies to ensure he never hires “Catholics” or “conservatives” to guarantee the children in his school are exposed to “subtle” leftwing indoctrination.

This first video of Project Veritas’ (PV) newly launched Education Series reveals how Jeremy Boland, assistant principal at Cos Cob Elementary School, part of Greenwich Public Schools, ensures he maintains a staff of primarily young, leftwing teachers who will introduce the children to “subtle” indoctrination of principles that align with the current Democrat Party.

“Believe it or not, the open-minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention politics,” Boland is heard telling the undercover reporter in the video.

“So, it’s subtle,” he continues, adding the teachers he hires “will never say, ‘Oh, this is [a] liberal or a Democratic way of doing this.’ They’ll just make that the norm – and this is how we handle things, it’s subtle … That’s how you get away with it.”

During one exchange between the PV reporter and Boland in July, Boland is heard touting how he oversees the hiring process:

Boland: You’re teaching them [children] how to think. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what they think about. If they think about it in a logical progressive way, that becomes their habit.

PV Journalist: So, you kind of like, gear them to think in a more liberal way?

Boland: Mm-hmm. Believe it or not, the open minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention politics.

Boland explains it is best to control the message students get from teachers from the hiring process, rather than try to terminate an older teacher with more years of service:

Boland: Remember that teacher I was talking about before? The forty-year-old? I’ll never change that teacher.

PV Journalist: You’re what?

Boland: I’ll never be able to change that teacher.

PV Journalist: Which one?

Boland: The conservative one, who is stuck in her ways. I’ll never be able to fire her, and I’ll never be able to change her. So, I make an impact with the next teacher I hire. So, my instinct for hiring – I’ve hired maybe four or five people. They’re pretty good.

PV Journalist: Okay.

Boland: So, that’s where I make my impact.

In the following exchange, the assistant principal is heard sharing how he weeds out prospective teachers who might sympathize with parents of a child on an issue:

PV Journalist: Okay, so someone sides with the parent, then what?

Boland: You let them explain, and then you move on to the next question.

PV Journalist: But then eventually [what is] the outcome of that?

Boland: They don’t get the job.

Boland says teachers in his school must acknowledge a child’s gender preferences, asserting that “religious” or “conservative” teachers do not pass his test.

“So, if you have someone [teacher] who is hardcore religious or hardcore conservative, they will probably say something detrimental to the effect, ‘Well, I don’t think kids have enough knowledge to make that decision [gender identity] at this age,’” Boland said.

“You’re out. You’re done,” he concluded.

When the PV undercover journalist asks Boland to elaborate about how he ensures religious teachers are not hired, the exchange continues:

Boland: I’m not a huge expert on religion, but Protestants in this area [of Connecticut] are probably the most liberal. But if they’re Catholic — conservative.

PV Journalist: Oh, so then what do you do with the Catholics? If you find out someone is Catholic, then what?

Boland: You don’t hire them.

PV Journalist: So, would you ever hire a Catholic then?

Boland: No, I don’t want to … Because if someone is raised hardcore Catholic, it’s like they’re brainwashed. You can never change their mindset. So, when you ask them to consider something new, like a new opportunity, or, “You have to think about this differently,” they’re stuck – just rigid.

Boland emphasized his goal to hire only younger teachers:

I need younger [teachers]. So, because Greenwich pays very well, you get teachers from other districts who have been there for a long time, that want to come to Greenwich. But if they’re older, I’m not allowed to do that – I can’t tell them, “I’m not interviewing you because you’re older.” I just don’t interview them. So, for one position, I think we had 30 applicants. So, out of all those applicants, I don’t think I interviewed anybody over the [age] of 30… Because sometimes the older you get, the more set in your ways, the more conservative you get.

“If politics and religion are supposed to be kept out of the classroom, why are these factors used in affecting Boland’s hiring decisions at Cos Cob?” asked Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe?

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Susan Berry, PhD is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Image “Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland” by Project Veritas.


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