Chris Rufo Reveals How Transgender Movement Has Been Allowed to Invade American Life and Culture

Author and journalist Chris Rufo presents The Transgender Empire, a new video about the evolution of the transgender movement and its political mission to change American culture forever.

In the video, sponsored by the Manhattan Institute, Rufo details how the transgender movement has taken hold of American life via LGBTQ activist teachers, who have transformed classrooms into propaganda mills, social media influencers, and a predatory transgender medicine industry.

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The World’s Oldest Secret Society Is Being Torn Apart Over Transgenderism

The Freemasons, an all-male secret society whose history goes back to the Middle Ages, have been struggling to deal with the transgender movement infiltrating their ranks over the past several years, according to members who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

In 2018, the United Grand Lodge of England, founded in 1717 and considered by Masons to be the most senior of all lodges, announced that it would allow transgender individuals to retain their membership at the lodge or be eligible for membership if they were transitioning to a man, according to the BBC. In the U.S., the issue is far from settled, with conservative Masons in states like Texas clashing with the more liberal fraternities on the coasts, and according to several Masons who spoke with the DCNF on the condition of anonymity, the issue is splitting the society with real consequences for those not falling in lockstep.

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Most Voters Concerned About Efforts to Expose Kids to Transgender Movement: Poll

A majority of general election voters are worried about efforts to expose children to the transgender movement through avenues like school curriculums, social media and drag queen shows, according to a new and McLaughlin and Associates poll.

About 41% of the 917 surveyed voters with an opinion on the issue reported being very concerned and angry about such efforts, while around 30% said they were somewhat concerned and upset, the poll‘s results showed. Roughly 71% of 826 respondents said they supported holding pharmaceutical companies and doctors legally liable for any harmful side effects that result if they promote puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for underage children seeking gender transition.

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