Commentary: ‘Vivek on Track to Eclipse DeSantis,’ Donor Memo Admits

An internal memo circulated by the Vivek Ramaswamy campaign, and obtained by RealClearPolitics, outlines his pitch to donors ahead of the first GOP primary debate: The 37-year-old first-time candidate is surging as others stumble, going farther with fewer resources, and will soon “eclipse DeSantis.”

Until recently, those claims could be dismissed as so much bravado from an overeager, unknown biotech investor without any political experience whatsoever.

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Musk: Fight Against Zuckerberg Will Be Live-Streamed on X with Proceeds Going to Veterans

Elon Musk says that his fight with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be live-streamed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter that Musk owns.

“Zuck v Musk fight will be live-streamed on 𝕏. All proceeds will go to charity for veterans,” Musk wrote on X early Sunday morning.

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Dolly Parton’s ‘Imagination Library’ Program Expands to All Washington Counties After $2 Million Taxpayer Allocation

Legendary singer, actress and philanthropist Dolly Parton is coming to Washington state to celebrate the expansion to every county of her Imagination Library program, which provides books to children ages 5 and younger.

While in the Evergreen State on Aug. 15, she will hold a fireside chat, perform and recognize those who helped the initiative cover the entire state, according to a Wednesday news release from Imagination Library.

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Breitbart Report: Devon Archer’s Wife Holds 10 Percent Stake in Same Chinese-State-Backed Fund as Hunter Biden’s Lawyer

Breitbart News Devon Archer’s wife, Krista Archer, holds a ten percent stake in a Chinese-state-backed investment fund, BHR Partners, the same fund in which Hunter Biden’s lawyer controls a ten percent stake, according to legal documents unearthed by nonprofit Marco Polo and exclusively obtained by Breitbart News. Krista Archer’s stake in BHR…

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Jobs Market Cools Following Unexpectedly High Economic Growth

The U.S. added 187,000 jobs in July, less than economists expected, as the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data released Friday.

Economists had anticipated the country would add 200,000 jobs in July compared to 209,000 jobs in June and that unemployment would remain the same at 3.6%, according to Reuters. The U.S. economy grew 2.4% for the year in the second quarter of 2023, outdoing expectations of 2%.

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Illegal Biolab Discovered in California Tied to Chinese Medical Firms

The company that allegedly operated an illegal biolab in California housing infectious agents has ties to multiple related Chinese pharmaceutical firms, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of court filings and government records.

In mid-June, officials from Fresno County began removing medical waste from an “unlicensed” laboratory in Reedley, California, operated by Prestige Biotech Inc. (PBI), the successor of defunct Universal Meditech Inc. (UMI), Fresno County court records show. Inspectors at the site discovered at least 20 potentially infectious agents, such as Malaria and Dengue virus, on the property, according to the documents.

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‘Liberty Village’ to Counter the Left’s Attacks on America with Real History

A nonprofit organization is launching a new historical theme park to bring American history to life and to reveal some inspiring stories that counter the Left’s narrative that the nation’s promise does not apply to women and racial minorities.

“Youth today are in the middle of an educational firestorm,” Dennis Leavitt, chief executive officer of the nonprofit United We Pledge, told The Daily Signal. He said his organization, based in St. George, Utah, aims to “light a fire in youth that causes them to become better Americans” through the project, known as Liberty Village.

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Hemp and Pennsylvania’s ‘Bio-Based Future’

A circle of farmers in Pennsylvania have embraced hemp as state and federal money encourages growth of the industry.

With government support, farmers troubleshoot how hemp plays a role in the production of textiles, paper, automotive bio-composites, and construction projects.

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Commentary: Democrats’ ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ Is the Death of Free Elections

Last month, House Democrats reintroduced the “Freedom to Vote Act,” signaling the Left’s latest assault on American elections with activist support. Far from restoring their integrity, the bill – like the “For the People Act” and “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” before it – is a cynical measure designed to federalize elections and cement Democrat power for generations.

It’s raw, naked tyranny – and Republicans must defeat it.

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Two Navy Servicemembers Arrested on Suspicion of Sending Military Secrets to China

Two U.S. Navy servicemembers have been arrested for allegedly transmitting sensitive military information to the Chinese government.

Authorities detained Jinchao Wei, aka Patrick Wei, on Wednesday and charged him with “conspiracy to send national defense information to an intelligence officer working for the People’s Republic of China,” according to a press release from the Department of Justice.

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Another National Sports Body Bans Men from Competing in Women’s Division

British Rowing announced biological men will be banned from female-only competitions starting next month, according to The Times.

The organization said there is now an open category for anyone who is eligible to compete in it and also a separate category solely for biological women, according to the The Times. It also said that only biological women will be allowed to represent England in international rowing events.

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Commentary: Slaughter of Nigerian Christians Warrants International Attention

“If we keep quiet, we are going to go extinct,” says Catholic Bishop Chipa Wilfred Anagbe of the Diocese of Makurdi in Benue state, Nigeria.

In June, the Congressional Values Action Team caucus met with Anagbe and the Rev. Remigius Ihyula who shared their testimonies of atrocities committed against Christians in Nigeria by Islamic extremists and about the complacency of the Nigerian government.

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Music Spotlight: Johnny Dailey

Johnny Dailey discovered his love for country music as a kid riding around in his cousin’s truck listening to songs in the rural town of Argo, Alabama, just north of Birmingham.

“I had two sisters, so my cousin became more like a brother. He would always have the latest and greatest country albums to come out like Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bentley, and even some Texas songwriters like Jack Clark and Jerry Jeff Walker,” he said.

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‘Wake-Up Call’: Top Credit Agency Downgrades U.S. Rating

One of the top international credit rating agencies has downgraded the United States government’s credit rating from the highest level of AAA down one tier to AA+, a serious economic signpost as U.S. debt continues to soar and deficits remain elevated.

Fitch Ratings made the decision, pointing to the U.S. government’s high national debt and deficits as well as an “erosion of governance.”

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Health Care Company Agrees to Pay $22.5 Million to Settle Claims of over Billing

A health care company agreed to pay nearly $22.5 million to resolve claims that it violated U.S. laws by over billing government health plans.

Portland, Maine-based Martin’s Point Health Care Inc. agreed to pay $22,485,000 to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by submitting inaccurate diagnosis codes for its Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees in order to boost reimbursements from Medicare, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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