Commentary: A Case for the Lost Art of Memorization

Memorization and recitation became part of my life through a club I was part of in middle and high school. With the club, I had the opportunity to recite patriotic speeches and poems along with chapters from the Bible in front of an audience of veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders just about every month. I loved seeing how the words recited touched the people listening.

Almost without fail, after we spoke, adults would come over to thank us, amazed by the fact that we could remember so much and recite it with such confidence. Often, people said something along the lines of “I never thought kids could do that” or “That’s more than I would ever be able to do.”

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Workers at Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco Told to Work from Home Due to Crime

The Department of Health and Human Services is telling hundreds of California-based employees to work from home for the foreseeable future due to rising crime in the area surrounding the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco.

The 18-story building also houses the Labor and Transportation separtment and the office of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

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Gaetz Moves to Censure Trump’s January 6 Judge

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on Friday introduced a resolution to censure U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan over claims she has shown “blatant political bias from the bench.”

“Judge Tanya Chutkan’s extreme sentencing of January 6th defendants, while openly supporting the violent Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, showcases a complete disregard for her duty of impartiality and the rule of law,” Gaetz said, according to The Hill. “Justice may be blind, but the American people are not – we see Judge Chutkan for her actions, and we rebuke them in the greatest possible sense.”

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Chinese Solar Companies Have Been Dodging Tariffs, Biden Admin Says

The Department of Commerce (DOC) determined Friday that five Chinese solar panel companies have been dodging U.S. tariffs by directing their operations through other Asian countries not subject to the import restrictions.

The DOC found in its probe that Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, BYD and Vina Solar have all used other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia, as conduits to evade tariffs designed to protect the relatively young American solar industry from Chinese competitors that can undercut them with a cost advantage, which in some cases may be derived from the use slave labor of detained Uyghur Muslims in supply chains. The findings may complicate the Biden administration’s plans to rely on solar panels as a key pillar of its sweeping climate agenda, which aims to have the U.S. economy reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

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Major Donor-Advised Fund Manager Allegedly Blocked Anonymous Gifts to Conservative Orgs, Complaint Says

Donor-advised fund Fidelity Charitable (FC) is being accused of blocking account holders from sending anonymous donations to certain conservative non-profits that appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) hate group list, according to a consumer complaint obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Account holder Dawn Manning’s requests to send anonymous grants to four conservative groups were marked “awaiting information” for over a month, with three still not approved, while her requests to send grants to three left-leaning organizations were quickly approved, according to a July 19 consumer complaint filed with the Louisiana attorney general. In the complaint, Manning raised concerns that grants to the organizations — which include the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Family Research Council (FRC), Center for Security Policy (CSP) and Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) — are being withheld because they are marked as hate groups by SPLC.

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Commentary: President Trump Can Use Political Pressure to Defeat the Biden Witch Hunt

President Trump, as well as his base of tens of millions of supporters, need to prepare themselves for chaos in 2024. The witch hunt directed against President Trump and his supporters is a sign of the insanity and hysteria infecting the Democratic Party. No matter how the 2024 election turns out, it will be destabilizing for the country. 

More importantly, Trump simply cannot trust the courts in any Democrat controlled state or the Biden regime’s Department of Injustice to treat him fairly. President Trump’s legal problems require political solutions. 

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Study Finds ‘Dirty-to-Clean’ Pennsylvania Job Transition Rare

Though more workers have jumped in recent years from carbon-intensive jobs – like natural gas extraction – to “green” jobs in renewable energy, the numbers remain miniscule.

Fewer than 1% of workers make a fossil fuel-to-renewable jump, while most end up in another carbon-intensive job, an unrelated job, or find no work at all.

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Commentary: The Danger of Driver Equity Laws in Pennsylvania

In the early morning hours of March 30, 2022, an innocent victim was suddenly attacked while he was putting the trash out at his place of work in Bensalem, along Street Road. The victim ran for his life but was eventually caught by his attacker. He was viciously stabbed over fifty times as he tried to resist. The assailant fled as the victim struggled to stay alive in the parking lot. He then returned in a vehicle, ran the victim over twice, abducted him, and drove off.  

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