Consumers’ Research Says BlackRock Abdicating Fiduciary Responsibility in Favor of Progressive Politics

A research group has homed in on investment titan BlackRock, known for purchasing real estate in massive swaths nationwide, saying that those who have invested in the company may be at risk.

Consumers’ Research says:

U.S. consumers should be wary of investments managed by BlackRock Investment Management Company. Led by Chairman and CEO Larry Fink, the company uses its clout to push a radical agenda in coordination with other financiers through a network of international organizations.

This Consumer Warning highlights the commitments BlackRock has made with their investors’ money — commitments that adversely impact the U.S. economy and likely violate their fiduciary duty to seek the best return, putting your retirement at risk in the name of progressive politics.

Consumers should also read our previous Consumer Warning documenting BlackRock’s troubling ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The group says that Fink has “waged war” on U.S. energy companies by Fink, pushing a progressive climate agenda that has crippled U.S. energy production and left consumers with a hefty bill.”

It also quotes Fink saying that he will force consumers to change their behavior.

Fink reportedly said “behaviors are going to have to change… You have to force behaviors, and
at BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors.”

Consumer’s research also accuses BlackRock and Fink of being a national security threat, saying that it pushes investors to invest in Chinese-owned green energy products, and that because of this, China will eventually dominate the United States economically.

BlackRock’s shareholder activism disproportionately hamstrings North American companies. As part of the net zero investment strategy they are pushing, BlackRock has recommended investors triple their allocation in China’s green assets, meaning most of the trillions of dollars in “green” investments end up in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. If BlackRock’s plan of an economy-wide energy transition occurs, it will place the U.S. at the mercy of China, which dominates the clean energy supply chain, including 90% of the world’s rare earth elements.

Meanwhile, according to the report, BlackRock has a close relationship with the Biden administration.

Former BlackRock executive Brian Deese now leads Biden’s National Economic Council (NEC).

Deese is the member of Biden’s administration who faced backlash after saying Americans would have to put up with high gas prices in order to usher in the “liberal world order.”

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Larry Fink” by The World Economic Forum. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.



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