Commentary: Trump Supporters Must Avoid Overconfidence

Trump with Supporters

The assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has led his supporters and some, though not all, of his opponents to acquire a greater perspective on the most important things in life. It has also led his supporters to a broader recognition what is not necessarily important in the present campaign. This is a healthy development for the Republican Party and the Make America Great Again movement. Mr. Trump continues to lead and is, again, its presidential standard bearer. Yet, if not properly channeled, the ensuing enthusiasm can engender overconfidence among the campaign and its supporters.

The temptation to feel overconfident is all too human. For quite some time, Mr. Trump had been being persecuted as someone beneath the law by the left’s noxious lawfare cabal and was deemed a threat to democracy to be eliminated by Democrats and their mockingbird media. Following the assassination attempt on Mr. Trump’s life, his supporters and all decent people offered an outpouring of gratitude that his life had been spared. Having witnessed the twist of fate that allowed a turn of Mr. Trump’s head to save him and allow his life and candidacy to continue, two potentially contentious GOP political events possessed far less potential to ignite divisive intraparty arguments.

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Man Who Tried to Kill Trump Flew Drone over Rally Hours Before Attempting Assassination: Report

Thomas Matthew Crooks

Thomas Matthew Crooks, who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally, was able to fly a drone over the rally grounds before Trump spoke, according to reports.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Crooks programmed a drone to fly over the Butler Farm Show grounds ahead of Trump’s rally. Officials told the outlet that he flew the drone over the area more than once.

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Zuckerberg Praises Trump’s ‘Badass’ Reaction to Getting ‘Shot in the Face’

Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had high praise for former President Trump on Thursday, calling his reaction to getting “shot in the face” one of “the most badass things” he’s ever seen.

Trump’s reaction, getting back to his feet, clenching his fist and yelling “fight, fight, fight” as blood dripped off his face, has become a much heralded and iconic moment not only in the United States, but throughout the world. 

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Bureaucrats Worry Behind Closed Doors They’ll Be Sent Packing Under Trump

Donald Trump

Government workers are reportedly in a state of panic over the prospect of former President Donald Trump winning another term in office, according to E&E News.

Bureaucrats up and down the federal hierarchy are concerned that a second Trump administration could cost them their jobs and put an end to liberal programs they worked to implement under President Joe Biden, E&E News reported. Trump has, if elected, pledged to implement reforms that would allow him to fire up to 50,000 civil servants at will, with the former president singling out workers who are incompetent, unnecessary or undermine his democratic mandate.

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Commentary: The Once and Future Nationalism

Donald Trump and JD Vance

There is no doubt that the events of Saturday, July 13, 2024, were monumental by virtue of how close we came to the course of our history being altered for the worst. No one understands that better than President Trump himself, who is now determined to shape our destiny for the better and on his terms.

As such, the vice presidential selection of Ohio Senator J.D. Vance shows that, while President Trump is undoubtedly shaken by a not-too-distant past, he is already looking toward the future.

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Commentary: An Assassination Attempt Reveals DEI’s False Promises

Kimberly Cheatle

For over a half century the proponents of DEI and its intellectual precursors have fought from high ground, not from a moral position, but a tactical and strategic one secured by Marxist indoctrination that has pervaded nearly every corner of society. 

The deliberate and methodical campaign has successfully muted public criticism, although privately most Americans felt that there is something terribly wrong with a philosophy that prioritizes appearance over ability. 

DEI’s commanding role in all branches of the military has resulted in no tangible benefits but a myriad of failures—falling morale and standards, recruitment shortfalls, plummeting public confidence in the military, poor leadership, and with the exception of the Marine Corps, the inability to fulfill basic mission requirements at an acceptable level. 

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‘Confidence, Strength, and Hope’: Trump Calls for Unity, Vows American Renewal in RNC Speech

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday used his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention to issue a call for unity in wake of an assassination attempt against him over the weekend, which he described in detail.

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FBI Now Thinks Gaming Account in Trump Shooter’s Name That Issued Warning Was Not His: CNN Report

CNN is reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation now thinks the gunman who shot former President Donald Trump at an outdoor campaign rally last weekend did not write an anonymous message on the gaming platform Steam in the days leading up to the assassination attempt.

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Vance Channels ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ with RNC Speech, Giving Voice to Small Town America

Ohio GOP Sen. JD Vance on Wednesday recalled his childhood and the downturn of small town America as he grew up, pointing the finger at President Joe Biden and other career politicians in Washington.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Quietly Working to Win Trump over Ahead of Presidential Elections After Falling Out in 2020

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his team are working behind closed doors to win over former President Donald Trump’s approval after the two world leaders had a falling out in 2020, Axios reported on Tuesday.

Netanyahu called President Joe Biden in 2020 following the year’s election and congratulated him on his win, which Trump viewed as an insult and prompted him to stop speaking to the Israeli leader. As Trump’s chance for a win in 2024 increases, Netanyahu’s team is attempting to win Trump’s favor back — but it hasn’t been easy, people in Netanyhu’s orbit told Axios.

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Commentary: The Power of Courage

Donald Trump in front of the American Flag (composite image)

The iconic photo of Donald Trump standing tall and defiantly after an attempted assassination speaks volumes. It reminds the whole world that Trump is a fighter. In his case, it is more than a metaphor, as “fighter” is for most of the political class. He showed real physical courage, and this cannot fail to impress.

As society has gotten more modern and organized, physical courage has become less necessary and less valued. Physical ability in general, such as the brawn and endurance required to be a cowboy or coal miner, doesn’t have much to do with the ability to analyze Excel spreadsheets, run a cash register, or do any number of office jobs. Softer skills are in higher demand and are rewarded accordingly.

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Commentary: The Economics of Early Voting

After the recent assassination attempt on Donald J. Trump, some think the race is Trump’s to lose. I tend to agree that the race is in some ways Trump’s to lose, while at the same time feel very strongly that the left is not going to simply roll over and give up on trying to keep Trump from a second term.

So it’s important to not be over-exuberant; Trump is absolutely riding high right now, from the debacle of a debate for Biden to Judge Cannon dismissing the Jack Smith documents case to surviving an assassination attempt. But the right needs to focus on what takes place between now and November 5th, specifically on how every Republican and conservative can help Trump win by doing one simple thing: casting your ballot early.

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Oversight Committee Says Homeland Security Refuses to Confirm a Secret Service Briefing Time

House Republican members on the Oversight Committee said Tuesday the Department of Homeland Security has taken over communications between the committee and the U.S. Secret Service and refuses to confirm a time for a briefing that was supposed to take place today. 

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Former President Donald Trump to Hold First Rally with Vice Presidential Nominee JD Vance in Michigan on Saturday

Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday with vice presidential nominee, U.S. Senator JD Vance (R-OH).

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Secret Service Chief Says No Agents Placed on Building Trump Shooter Used Because Sloped Roof Deemed a ‘Safety’ Concern

Embattled U.S. Secret Service Chief Kimberly Cheatle said Tuesday that the reason there were no agents stationed on top of the building the gunman used to carry out his assassination attempt on Donald Trump is because the building’s slightly sloped roof  was deemed unsafe for agents to navigate.

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Secret Service in Crisis: Inflexible Protocols, Security Lapses in Spotlight

Inflexible Secret Service protocols, overworked special agents, and a decision against deploying more counter snipers to President Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania all contributed to creating the opening for a gunman to wound Trump, kill a bystander, and seriously injure two others, according to several sources in the Secret Service community.

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Mar-a-Lago Case Dismissal Could Spell the End of Smith’s D.C. Prosecution and Anti-Trump Lawfare

Mar-a-Lago Documents

After surviving an assassination attempt over the weekend, Trump began the week with good news in the form of Judge Aileen Cannon dismissing special counsel Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago case against him in a seismic ruling that could spell the end of his federal legal woes and build on his existing momentum in the national spotlight.

Smith had charged Trump in connection with his storage and retention of materials at his Mar-a-Lago estate, which the FBI raided in August of 2022. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Smith in late 2022 to pursue the case and he brought an initial indictment in 2023. Trump pleaded not guilty though Smith in July of that year brought a superseding indictment with additional charges. The former president has long maintained he was innocent of any wrongdoing and that the case was part of a broader political witch hunt designed to derail his 2024 bid for the White House.

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JD Vance Well-Received by Republican Leaders as Former President Trump’s 2024 Running Mate

Elected officials and leaders of the Republican Party expressed tremendous support for Ohio U.S. Senator JD Vance (R-OH) after former President Donald Trump announced Vance as his running mate in the 2024 presidential election.

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Government Vehicles Spotted at JD Vance’s House Following Trump Assassination Attempt, Fueling VP Rumors

Troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol have reportedly been directed to provide security to U.S. Senator JD Vance (R-OH) following the failed assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally on Saturday.

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Secret Service Director: Agency Will ‘Participate Fully’ in Independent Review of Trump Shooting

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle said in a statement released on Monday that her agency will fully participate in the “independent review” President Biden ordered of security surrounding former President Trump’s rally in Butler, Pa. where he was shot.

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Commentary: Project 2025 and the Continued Democrat Meltdown

Project 2025

Tying Donald Trump to Project 2025 is the latest desperation tactic from Democrats. But it’s likely to backfire. It might actually create a new generation of Conservatives in the process.

Last year, the Heritage Foundation published the Mandate for Leadership as assembled by a consortium of people and think tanks called Project 2025. It is a compilation of long-standing recommended Conservative policies for the next Republican administration. The Project 2025 group claims the document is “the Conservative movement’s unified effort to be ready for the next Conservative administration to govern at noon, January 20, 2025.”

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Former President Trump to Arrive in Milwaukee for Republican National Convention As Scheduled

Former President Donald Trump announced that he would be arriving in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Republican National Convention as scheduled on Sunday less than 24 hours after surviving an assassination attempt at a campaign rally.

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‘Let Us Unite’: Former First Lady Melania Trump Issues Statement Following Assassination Attempt of Husband President Donald Trump

Former First Lady Melania Trump issued a statement calling on the nation to unite following Saturday afternoon’s failed assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

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Bannon Email from Prison: ‘Told Everyone They Would Try to Assassinate Him’

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to former President Donald Trump and host of the popular show War Room, made a statement from prison in response to the apparent assassination attempt of Trump during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

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Commentary: The Shot Heard ‘Round America

Donald Trump

Virginia House Speaker Don Scott and Republican Minority Leader Todd Gilbert issued a joint statement just hours after the attempted assassination of former President Donald J. Trump in Pennsylvania:

“We were shocked and alarmed to learn of the violence that took place at the rally today. This is not a reflection of our shared values. 

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Meta Finally Lifts Lingering Restrictions on Trump Months Out from November

Trump Zuckerberg Shaking Hands

Tech giant Meta announced Friday it will be lifting former President Donald Trump’s “heightened suspension penalties” on Facebook and Instagram as the 2024 elections grow closer.

President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, released an updated statement on the company’s site, announcing the change to the protocols from January 2023, specifically for Trump’s restrictions, in order for users to “hear from political candidates.” The company stated the previous restrictions on Trump had been placed in “response to extreme and extraordinary circumstances” following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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Elon Musk Reportedly Makes ‘Sizable’ Donation to Pro-Trump Super PAC

Donald Trump and Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk reportedly made a “sizable” donation to a super political action committee (PAC) helping to elect former President Donald Trump for the 2024 race, according to sources speaking on anonymity to Bloomberg.

The alleged super PAC donation from Musk was to a low-profile group known as America PAC, sources familiar with the matter told the outlet. While it is not confirmed how much the reported donation was for, the PAC is expected to reveal its list of donors on July 15.

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Analysis Examines What Happens If Biden Clings to Power Regardless of Election Outcome

Biden Speaking

A new report examines the possible outcomes of the Nov. 5  election and the prospect of President Joe Biden’s using government force to hold onto power.

“President Biden is very well-positioned to hold the White House by force in the case of an unfavorable electoral outcome,” says the report from the 2024 Transition Integrity Project, which is led by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project. 

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President Continues to Peddle Untrue Claims Since the Debate

Fresh off a poor first-debate performance, President Joe Biden and his campaign sought to paint GOP rival Donald Trump as a liar for his claims during the June debate. However, the president made several untrue claims of his own since the June 27 appearance.

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Warning Signs Flash for Biden as Trump Gains Ground in Empire State

Donald Trump and Joe Biden in front of New York skyline (composite image)

Amid the intense scrutiny over whether Democrat President Joe Biden is mentally and physically fit for a second term, he appears to be losing ground in the Democratic stronghold New York – which hasn’t voted in favor of a GOP presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Polls over the past four months show presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has cut Biden’s lead to just 8 points across New York, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-to-1.

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Commentary: Republicans Must Stop Retreating on Abortion

While President Joe Biden’s halting performance in the first 2024 presidential debate generated the most significant commentary, it was some of former President Donald Trump’s remarks that raised concerns for pro-life voters. Those remarks ended up foreshadowing the recently proposed Republican platform’s surrender on the abortion issue.

Trump’s first misstep was his contention that “everybody” wanted abortion regulated at the state level. “Fifty-one years ago you had Roe v. Wade,” Trump argued, “and everybody wanted to get it back to the states, everybody, without exception, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives. Everybody wanted it back… Ronald Reagan wanted it brought back” (emphasis added).

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Prominent Pollster Says Kamala Harris Is ‘Mediocre at Best’ and Would ‘Probably Lose’ to Trump

Pollster Nate Silver described Vice President Kamala Harris as “mediocre at best” and said former President Donald Trump would likely defeat her in the upcoming presidential election if she replaces President Joe Biden during a podcast posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

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RNC’s Embrace of Trump Platform Signals Shift in GOP as Old Guard Fades in Influence

Donald Trump at a rally event

Whereas Donald Trump as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee battled the GOP establishment over changing the party’s direction and in 2020 faced substantive internal resistance during his reelection bid, he now appears as the 2024 nominee to have won control of a party apparatus willing to embrace his policy platform and earnestly support his efforts.

The Republican National Committee on Monday formally adopted Trump’s 2024 party platform, which focused heavily on economy and border security issues. While both issues have been topline issues for Trump throughout his political career, the platform’s inclusion of other provisions highlighted the extent to which his own agenda had inserted itself into the party.

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