Poll: A Majority of Americans Support Building the Border Wall

Border Wall Construction

A new poll suggests that more Americans than ever before support the idea of building a wall along the southern border, as the mass migration crisis rages out of control and has cost more American lives.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the latest poll from Monmouth University shows that 53% of respondents support building the wall, while 46% oppose it, marking the first time ever that a Monmouth poll has shown majority support for the proposal. While more Republicans and independents support the wall than in past years, Democratic support for the idea has fallen.

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Montana Judge Throws Out Three Laws Restricting Abortion

Montana Planned Parenthood

A Montana judge ruled Thursday that three of the state’s laws limiting abortion were unconstitutional, according to the Daily Montanan.

The laws banned abortion after 20 weeks and by way of telehealth services, as well as required a 24-hour waiting period and two ultrasounds. District Court Judge Kurt Krueger sided with Planned Parenthood of Montana, who filed the lawsuit, arguing that the government should not be able to “infringe” on bodily autonomy any more than it can force someone to have an abortion, according to the Daily Montanan.

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Commentary: American Paralysis and Decline

American Flag

“We can bear neither our diseases nor their remedies.”

So shrugged the ancient historian Livy (59 B.C.- A.D. 17) of the long decline of Roman national character that, in his age, finally ended the Roman Republic.

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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Hiring Dozens of Workers for Orphan Well Plugging Project

Jessica Shirley

Pennsylvania will receive hundreds of millions of dollars to plug defunct oil and gas wells that may pose health and environmental threats.

And now, the state’s existing program is getting more scrutiny for how it prioritizes projects and uses that money.

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Commentary: Battleground States Reject Biden on the Border

Illegal Immigrants

Michigan is very much in play for November.

Our new poll shows a dead heat, with Trump and Biden tied at 43% each and 14% undecided for this key swing state. With Trump leading comfortably right now in Georgia and North Carolina, a win in Michigan could well tip the entire election to the 45th president.

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Average Long-Term Mortgage Rises to 6.94 Percent in Fourth Consecutive Weekly Increase

Financial Meeting

On Thursday, the average long-term mortgage rate in the United States rose for the fourth week in a row, in a setback for Americans looking to potentially buy a home in the traditional homebuying season of spring.

According to ABC News, mortgage buyer Freddie Mac announced that the average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose from 6.90% to 6.94%. Although this is slightly less than the recent high of 6.95% in December, it is still higher than what it was at the same time one year ago, when the average rate was 6.65%.

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Bukele Generates More than $30 Million in Profits for El Salvador with Bitcoin

Nayib Bukele

El Salvador has accumulated more than $30 million in profits by retaining bitcoin reserves, after becoming the first country in Latin America to adopt this digital currency in an initiative led by President Nayib Bukele since 2021.

Bitcoin , the most used cryptocurrency , soared this Wednesday, reaching November 2021 levels and exceeding $60,000 , after surpassing $57,100 the day before, which has generated profits for the Central American country.

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