Voters Head to the Polls in 16 States for Super Tuesday as 2020 Rematch Appears Likely

People Voting

Voters are heading to the polls in 16 states to cast their primary ballots on Super Tuesday as a 2020 rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden appears likely.

Biden has been holing up at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, since Friday, according to his official schedule. He is set to return to the White House on Tuesday afternoon while his State of the Union address is scheduled for Thursday evening. 

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Congress Debates Spending Bill with 605 Pages of Earmarks Before Friday Shutdown Deadline

Congress Spending

The U.S. Congress is debating a spending package ahead of a government shutdown deadline on Friday, the day after President Biden’s scheduled “State of the Union” address.

Congress passed a bill last week to extend the first appropriations deadline to Friday, March 8 and the second to Friday, March 22.

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Commentary: Gearing Up for Trump vs ‘Biden’s Replacement’

President Joe Biden is declining at a geometric, not an arithmetic, rate. His cognitive challenges are multifaceted.

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