American Transsexual Becomes a Spokesperson for Ukrainian Forces

Remix News

A man calling himself Sarah Ashton-Cirillo has up until now served as a field medic in the Ukrainian army and earlier was a reporter on the war in Ukraine for the portal “LGBTQ communities.” But now the transsexual has been appointed as foreign language spokesperson for Ukraine’s territorial army. 

According to available data, the individual has been married and has a child. However, a few years ago he underwent hormonal treatment and a medical procedure for a sex change. He arrived in Ukraine in March 2022 to report on the war for an LGBTQ portal in San Francisco and conduct interviews with Ukrainian gays who had engaged in the military. In the autumn of that year, he began work as a field medic in the Ukrainian army. The individual now has the military rank of sergeant and was wounded in February 2023.

Russian media has ridiculed the fact that an American transsexual who does not speak Ukrainian at all well was appointed spokesperson for Ukraine’s territorial army. 




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